Colourful gemstones, come on in!

I am not entirely sure where the time goes between each blog that I write for Tanzanite Jewellery!

It has been a busy time sorting out custom made jewellery orders that arrived back here in the UK ready to be sent off to the Birmingham Assay Office and also for one Tanzanite pendant, the customer wanted the Tanzanite certified. For that, we send it to AnchorCert, part of the Assay Office in Birmingham.

I have also been exceptionally busy, answering many questions from people who follow us on Facebook and Instagram and who see the posts that I regularly put up displaying new pieces of jewellery we have either made or are currently in our shop.

Often questions might be regarding the price of a particular item. Why not simply list the price on the item you might wonder....? I would love to do this, and it would save much time, however, very often a piece of jewellery might be being purchased as a gift and, understandably no one wants the price plastered all over the place, especially on custom made jewellery and gifts.

Other questions might include whether we can make the same design in Gold, or perhaps set the design with a bigger carat weight. For all these options, we are in a position to offer variety and change of designs because of the fantastic jewellery team we work with.

Talking of which, I have been working closely with them, designing new pieces of jewellery that will soon be in our shop. We've set these beautiful designs with many different gemstones, not just Tanzanite. We have arriving over 20 new rings, lots of stud earrings and some pretty new pendants too. So lots of coloured gemstone jewellery will be in our shop very soon!

Above, there are some great new designs, but you may wish to swop the Peridot for an Amethyst, for example, in the Peridot pendant, or you love the Aquamarine pendant design, bottom left, but would like a Ruby instead. With me and my jewellery team we can custom make a piece of jewellery for our customers, so if you see something you particularly like, on line, or in our shop in Ledbury, but may not be so keen on the gemstone, we can do something about that.

Next on my to do list will be the mammoth task of photographying each piece, listing it on the website and then over time sharing pieces on Facebook, and our other social media platforms. So whilst my business partner is usually to be found in our shop, I'm sitting in the office on the laptop, doing my utmost to stay on top of the many spinning plates.

If you have a custom made design in mind, or would like to chat to me personally in more detail, simply CONTACT ME, or call me on 01531 631557.


01531 631557

27 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BN, UK

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