Customising Jewellery

We've been customising jewellery for our clients for a fair few years now, and I thought I would take a little look at some of the designs we have put together over the years, and my thoughts behind them.

I think I recall our very first piece, or certainly one of our earliest pieces was this superb 9k yellow gold Tanzanite ring. We use to attend The Gloucester Quays monthly markets, with our jewellery, and a customer there spotted us, and asked us to make this ring for her.

It was so exciting to be entrusted with making a piece of jewellery for someone, and knowing that it was special and must be just right. I had created this design originally based on two Tanzanite rings that I wore together. People always commented on how pretty they were, and so it inspired me to come up with this design. I added some other styles to my first collection, and called it the "Whishaw" collection. Why "Whishaw"? Well, I like the unusual name but also it is the name of my late Fathers paternal Mothers family. It was a small nod to my Father.

The bezel set design has always been popular. It's so easy to wear, there is nothing to catch on your clothing and the gemstone is protected more from chips, unless, of course, you end up knocking the ring head on!

The other designs I put together for my first collection are pictured here,

From top left is the double Whishaw ring set in Sterling Silver this time, followed by a 5 mm Tanzanite set into a swirl design. I wanted the gemstone too look as if it was floating between two pieces of metal. The third design, I only ever made one of and this was sold to a lovely couple. They wanted the stone graded, and it came back from AnchorCert as a AAAA Graded Tanzanite (I thought it might!). My final design is a 5 mm round cut Tanzanite, again, bezel set. The simplicity and no fussy nature of this design has been very popular and we have made this design in yellow gold also.

To enable us to start customising jewellery for clients, we had to arrange with The Assay Office to have a Makers Mark made, and also we needed to be able to use AnchorCert for the grading of our gemstones. Not everyone wants their gemstone graded, but it is rather nice to have the option. I'll go into more detail about these two things another time.

The simplicity of the 5 mm round cut design lends itself to many gemstones, and looked equally fabulous set with a beautiful deep purple Amethyst gemstone.


9x7 Tanzanite Ring

This has been our newest recruit to my "Whishaw" collection (on the left), a sensational 9 x 7 mm oval cut Tanzanite. We have made this design for just a couple of years now, and once again it has proven to be very popular. As with all our jewellery, we can customised these designs and set with other gemstones, and we did this recently with the 5 mm round cut solitaire design and made an Amethyst ring in 9k yellow gold.

So what next for the "Whishaw" collection? I have a new design up my sleeve, and will be launching it in the next couple of weeks, so do pop back or head to our website, to have a look

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