Customising Jewellery Part 2

Last week I was explaining about how our "Whishaw" custom made jewellery was born, and my thinking behind the designs, but what about other pieces of jewellery we have made for our clients?

How do we go about it?

What happens?

How does the client know exactly what they will be receiving when they can't see it?

Understandably, our clients will have many questions, and I acknowledge that not only are they spending their hard earned money, but entrusting us with making their dream piece of jewellery. Unique and personal to them. It has to be right and I really do pride myself in putting in 110%.

The custom made jewellery order I would like to focus on today is a Garnet bracelet and ring, set in 9k yellow gold. A lady came to our shop enquiring about a custom made Garnet ring and bracelet. She had seen a bracelet in our shop, and loved the design, but wanted Garnet instead of the Blue Topaz. She also asked us for a larger clasp on the bracelet, instead of the design we had on the Topaz, and finally we were asked to make a simple solitaire Garnet ring, to compliment the bracelet, again in 9k Yellow Gold.

We may be called Tanzanite Jewellery, because that is the gemstone I first started selling when I established the business, however, we specialise in all gemstones and Garnet is no exception.

First of all, knowing our brief, I spoke to my jewellery team. These are the clever people who make these beautiful ideas come alive. They put together a CAD image for her. A CAD image is a 2D or 3D image of the jewellery design and this helps to "see" what the finished design will look like. Could I find the CAD image to show you on this blog? of course not! If it turns up, I will add it. Sometimes, even with a CAD image, a little imagination is required. I always ask my team to send through photographs, not only can I be kept updated, but so can my client - I think this is important, I also never tire of watching the process evolve. In the picture below on the jewellery bench is the 9k yellow gold bracelet ready to have the gemstones set into it. Also on the bench is the 9k yellow gold ring and a pendant (which was a custom made order for someone else).

I'm happy with what I am looking at and ask my benchman to go ahead and have the gemstones set. Often a client will want to see the stones we are planning on using, and we are always happy to send pictures prior to setting.

I'm always updating the client along the way, and once I am in receipt of the finished jewellery, it must make the journey to The Birmingham Assay office for hallmarking. This is a legal requirement, and my next blog will go into more detail about hallmarking and why it is SO important. We have our own Makers Mark, which, even in 100 years time, someone will look at our hallmark on a piece of gold jewellery we made and The Assay office will be able to tell you it was us. Amazing!

The finished result, well personally, I think they look incredible. The yellow gold and the Garnet are a superb combination and each Garnet had such richness to it. Our client really was over the moon with both the bracelet and the ring, and it is such a lovely feeling knowing that you have helped to create something beautiful that will be treasured.

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