Garnet and Gold

My goodness we've been so busy this month with custom made jewellery orders. I have so many pictures to show you, and I keep posting up new ones on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

As many of you know, we handmake and set a lot of our jewellery with Tanzanite, as this was the gemstone that launched our business years back. February seems to have been the month for Garnet gemstone jewellery set in 9k yellow gold, and personally I am thrilled with the results. We have, as we always manage to do, turned a clients dream into a sparkling reality. The quality of these Garnets.... they look, to the naked eye, almost as if they have a little light inside of each one. Our wonderful jewellery team have created beautiful jewellery, once again. So, all of this gold jewellery will be heading off to The Birmingham Assay Office to be hallmarked using our own special "Makers Mark", which they hold at their office. Once this has been done, the jewellery will be returned to us and ready for our clients to wear!

I've also been busy updating our Facebook page with a new cover. What do you think? I had to include some of these Garnet beauties!

Maybe our clients will do this, once they see their jewellery pieces! I hope so.


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