Getting married?

Your bridal jewellery is the finishing touch to your overall look, however, it is often an afterthought. So much attention goes on finding the dress, the flowers, the cake, but what about adding the finishing jewellery touches? It's definately worth your time and consideration. For something incredibly special and unique, what about a bespoke piece of jewellery. You'll be surprised at not only our pricing but also it need not take months, we can handmake and have it with you in just six weeks.*

You might want something small and elegant to add a sparkling finishing touch to your dress, such as a solitaire Diamond pendant and matching earrings. You might want something borrowed from a family member that has some sentimental meaning, or perhaps you want something bold to add some serious sparkle to your look.

Whatever you decide, we would like to help you choose that personal and special piece of jewellery. We have much experience, our own workshops, and you can read more about our services and what we can offer on bespoke jewellery.


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