Shut Down in Lockdown – how a business can survive

Well it was hardly a surprise, it was coming. Watching the briefings and other countries around the world, it was inevitable. We stayed open until we were told otherwise – after all we are a small shop with only enough space for a handful of customers anyway. We had increased our cleaning and been very careful with everything but when your government shuts you down there is not a lot you can do.

Rather than panic or see it as the end of the business, like so many we tried to adapt as quickly as possible. Irrelevant of Covid-19 it is something that small businesses often have to do anyway. So what did we do?

· Further developed our new website that was launched in January

· Increased stock in our ebay shop

· Increased posts on our social media pages

· Offered a free local delivery service

These small changes, which took time but were easy to do whilst stuck at home, had a positive impact on our business:

· Increase in bespoke orders

· Increase in online sales

Of course we can’t wait to re-open our shop and see all our customers again, both existing and new, but in the meantime we have been able to survive through lockdown and can't thank you enough for all your support!

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