Staying Safe in Retail

From 15th June we can re-open our shop!

It is something we are really looking forward to although also slightly apprehensive – will our customers return? How do we keep everything clean and keep our customers and ourselves safe? It has taken some thought and planning, but we have made some changes to the shop. We have also had a very useful on line Zoom meeting with Herefordshire Trading Standards, who gave a presentation for Shop Keepers in Ledbury, so that we all understand exactly what is expected. This is so important.

The shop and all contents will be having a deep clean prior to re-opening.

All customers will be asked to put on gloves as they enter the shop and dispose of them in the bin provided upon leaving.

We will allow no more than 2 customers in at any one time and there will be social distancing at all times.

Customers will have to ask before trying jewellery on, and once they have, the customer will be asked to place the item in a bowl which will allow us to thoroughly clean it before it is re-displayed in our shop.

We will open to begin with from 10 am to 1 pm, so that both ourselves and our customers can get to grips with the new world of shopping and ways of doing things. This will also leave us time in the afternoon to clean.


01531 631557

27 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BN, UK

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