Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet Commission

Updated: Jan 7

Have you ever tried to search on line for a Tanzanite tennis bracelet?  Yes?  Tanzanite bracelets are around, but trying to find anything with the deep blue saturation of colour many love is a tall order.  We were recently asked by a gentleman to make a bespoke Tanzanite tennis bracelet.  As always, we get our pricing ridiculously right and competitive and he accepted our quote.  To add to this, he had a deadline.  Could we meet it?  of course we could.

We set 30 pefected faceted 6 x 4 mm deep blue Tanzanite gemstones into 9k White Gold and the result is phenomenal.  The bracelet headed off to The Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking, as all gold jewellery over 1g in weight must legally be hallmarked and we have our own "makers mark" too, with a "TJ" stamp.  The Tanzanite bracelet be heading off to it's new home very soon via Royal Mail Special Delivery and this will guarantee next day delivery for the customer and insure the item also.


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27 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BN, UK

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