The making of a 5.65 Carat Beauty

What is the process from that first contact with us, asking for a price, deciding on exactly the design or idea you have? How does it all come together? How do you know what the end result will be? There is much to consider with custom made jewellery. First of all it's not something you can just try on and think to yourself "oh yes, I like that!" Usually the whole point of a custom made jewellery is the personalisation, achieving everything you really want in your special piece of jewellery.

I thought I would take a very recent order, which we are currently making for a client of ours. We had the budget (I like to do my best to come in under that budget) and she was very precise on the type of Tanzanite gemstone she wanted. It had to be AAAA Graded,

and it had to be VVS. We'll have confirmation on that once it has been to AnchorCert in Birmingham where they will certify the Tanzanite for us. However, I know that it will be graded as such. The quality of the gemstones we use are absolutely superb.

So.... to start with, what type of setting was required? We worked on the bezel setting idea, that our client was in favour of, more to protect the stone than anything else. We put together our first CAD image, which was a very basic design that we could then work on and adjust accordingly.

After various conversations, we came up with this final design. The detailing on the sides of the ring are based on a design my client already had using the initials for her and her husband, an A and the letter S. We needed as much light as possible to infiltrate the gemstone to allow the beauty of this gem to show off! We need to see all those amazing colours within the Tanzanite.

The next stage is to make a wax model of the ring. This gives one a far better idea of what the ring will actually look like and I can forward this to our client. No changes are required and from here the ring will be turned into gold, that sounds a bit like a fairy tale, but obviously the ring is made into a gold ring, using the wax model.

The stone has been set into the ring and the bezel edge carefully created. A short video is below. How do they do this? It always amazes me, the sheer talent of our team.

The ring is off to be polished and then will be Rhodium Plated. The Rhodium plating is used to enhance the luster and durability of metals such as silver and white gold and gives a smooth, shiny finish to the jewellery.

On its return to us, we shall be sending this beauty to The Birmingham Assay Office where it will be hallmarked and then on to AnchorCert where the gemstone will be certified. What I will do is update you all on the certification and try to get some pictures of the hallmarking. It's quite small but I shall do my best!

If you are interested in a custom made order, you are welcome to contact me.

I can work with you to create your perfect piece.

01531 631557

27 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BN, UK

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